The Food & Beverage Industry


The food & beverage industry is fast-paced, exciting and continually evolving.  With the advent of the Food Network, celebrity chefs, craft beer, and the Internet, it's in the limelight.  New cuisines, beverages, and methods are the catalyst.  At the forefront of this revolution are the people who work in this industry.  Late hours, weekends, and holidays under stressful conditions are not only prevalent, but expected.  Many are true entrepreneurs who encompass risk-taking and creativity, keeping in mind that there is always something new to learn.

Thus, experimentation is the norm.

Whether it's a food truck, 3 Star restaurant 

or a craft beer brewery, 

we celebrate them all.

The story of Duck Soup


It was back in the 1980's that Greg's oldest brother Bill, his Executive Chef, came in to the kitchen office after a particularly stressful lunch and said, "Someone should make a board game about this crazy business!"

Well, that's what they eventually did.

The Brothers


So, Duck Soup...The Restaurant Game

was created by 

Greg and Martin Thompson, 

two wounded survivors 

of the restaurant business.

Martin has since retired 

from the game business 

and Greg has assumed the task 

of taking Duck Soup to the next level,

developing the game as an online version.

The Game

First, think up a great name for your restaurant.  Then answer true or false & multiple choice questions about food, beverages, cooking and related trivia, and earn Duckats. Use your Duckats, skill and luck to improve your restaurant by replacing your average staff with excellent dining room and kitchen staff, even if you have to steal them away from other players' restaurants.

The Online Version

The goal is to replace all your average staff with excellent ones.

How do we improve on a game about food and drink that is informative, competitive and fun?

We create an online version!

We'll be able to provide a tutorial and prompts to make the rules easier to learn.  There will be updates to the game components and we'll add more and varied questions with graphics, 

plus enhance the game's visual interface.

Players can customize the rules for each game changing the difficulty from novice to expert as well as the length of the game.  

They can choose the types of questions and have the capability to play against 

anyone virtually anywhere.

There will be data tracking that can be used for a player's history, tournaments 

or even a restaurant league.

We could even create a professional 

and a kid's version.



What can I say? 

Greg's got a lot of things he wants to explore and talk about as an entrepreneur in the foodservice business.  He's looking forward to sharing his experience and getting some feedback and dialogue about this fascinating global industry.  

Launching in the winter of 2018.