Before Greg was of legal age.

Born and resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

8 yrs - Greg creates a menu of sandwiches (PB, Jam or PB & Jam) for his older brothers.

11 yrs - Makes waffles from scratch for his best friend.

16 yrs - Brews homemade beer.  A bottle explodes and his Mom is forgiving, which encourages him.

17 yrs - Makes wine from Welch's grape juice.  Not bad stuff.

Early Foodservice Experiences

1971 - Food Technology for one year. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).  Too much science.

1972 - Pot Washer, Jasper Park Lodge.  Makes dishwashing look easy.

1975 - Completes Admin Mgt diploma (NAIT).  Not foodservice related but provides business knowledge.

1977 - Server (part-time), Beans & Barley, to get extra $ to backpack around the world.

1978 - Cook and then manager, Beans & Barley.  Sparks his desire to open a restaurant.

It Begins...

1979 - Decides to open a restaurant and approaches his family for financing.

1980 - Selects an old bottling plant that requires major design and construction.  

1980 - Construction begins.

1980 - Construction shuts down for a month due to financing problems.

1981 - Beans & Barley Strathcona (now known as Vons)  finally opens.  Now the fun begins.

Owning & Operating a Large Restaurant

1981 - Discovers that running a large restaurant with 60 staff is both difficult and exhilarating at the same time.

1982 - Broken into twice.

1983 - Hit by an arsonist and shut down for two months.  A lie detector test appeases the insurance company.

1983 - The undeveloped 2nd floor of the building is built as a bistro serving fresh pasta (The Upstairs).

1983 - The idea for a board game based on the restaurant business is first mentioned.

1984 - Because of too much debt, the bistro is sold.

1984 - Lose the restaurant to the bank. Recession plus 20+% finance interest is too much to overcome.

Licking My Wounds

1984 - Greg and his brother begin to develop the board game.

1984 - Room Service Mgr - Westin Hotel.  One week!  Not for him.

1984 - Restaurant Mgr - late night pizza joint.  Crazy times!

1985 - Bartending (3 jobs at once).

1985 - Famous Paris Crepes.  His foray into fast food.

1987 - Bankruptcy.  Food court wars takes its toll.

1987 - Falls back on bartending.

1987 - Returns to The Beans as Night Mgr.

1988 - High School Business Mgr.  The cafeteria is part of his responsibility.

1988 - Caters for various school events on the side for years to come.

1997 - Contracted to run the high school cafeteria for the next few years.

Duck Soup...The Restaurant Game

2011 - After 25 years of much detailed work, DUCK SOUP...The Restaurant Game goes on sale.

2011 - Featured in The Edmonton Journal (local newspaper).

2012 - Greg promotes game at New York Restaurant Trade Show with Action Against Hunger's booth.

2013 - Greg pitches the board game on Dragons' Den.

2015 - It's decided to retire the board game.

2016 - Greg decides to continue to develop the game by himself, but as an online version.

2016 - His wife says no more $.  So, he needs crowdfunding.

2017 - Research tells him that you need a crowd first when crowdfunding.  And a blog will achieve that.

2017 - Starts working on a blog.  More work than he realizes.

2018 - The blog becomes Greg's focus as he realizes it has a life of its own.

2018 - The blog will focus on restaurant entrepreneurs.

2019 - The blog - The Restaurant Game by Duck Soup - is almost ready.